Gettysburg College, BA
Philadelphia University, Fashion
Hunter College, BA film production

2007 Meredith Ward Fine Art NY

2009 Claudio Zanetti group show, New York, NY

2011 Art Show Bedford, Bedford, NY

2012 LOOC ART in Southampton, NY

Elizabeth Schoettle (who often goes by Libby) is a New York City based mixed/media collage artist who uses Polaroids as well as found photographs.
Libby, who considers herself an outside artist, creates her Polaroid collages using original SX70 Polaroid photographs combined with found objects, such as old book covers and antique frames, to provide environmental extensions, or narratives surrounding each piece. She cuts up accessories from her closet, such as retro handbags, belts, slips, hats (well anything she can find) and vintage fabrics to clothe her characters.

For her found snapshot photo work Libby collects images of women, and girls, specifically in search of ones who bear resemblance to her body, and her mood. She then collages the same cartoon-like head into the photo. Sometimes she uses text but mostly she lets the photo stand for itself. She uses the found photo art as a way to identify with how she is feeling and believes snapshots are filled with feeling in a way that contemporary photography is not.
I’ve always thought I was born into the wrong time period and so finding snapshots (I can identify with) give me the existence I otherwise lack.

*Libby is currently working on her first memoir-based novel ‘revealing’ her life as an artist.