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We are about living with art. Whether at home or in your workplace, the art you look at every day should not just compliment a space, but make it unique, exciting and personal. However, trying to find that art on your own can be overwhelming and exhausting. There are so many galleries, artists and art fairs that one hardly knows where to begin. Is it fairly priced? Will it be worth anything in five or ten years? Art can and should be thought of as an investment in an artist who you believe in, whose body of work has substance and shows promise. At LOOC ART we have selected our featured artists from hundreds whose work we have looked at whose career trajectories show tangible success. We would not be offering their works if we didn’t believe their art will stand the test of time both aesthetically and financially. Additionally, we would like to make buying art a more transparent process.

We hope that art lovers of all stripes will take the time to view works by the talented artists we have featured on our web site and come to our pop up shows. Also, share with us what you’ve seen and liked by writing on our blog, following us on Facebook or tweeting with us.


Lara McLanahan

Claire Johnston